Caldecott Square

Contractor: Jeakins Weir Ltd.
Construction Value: £27 million
Developer: Abode Caldecott Square Development Ltd

This development in the heart of Rugby consists of the a wellness centre, an extra care unit and two blocks of senior living apartments. The wellness centre sites in the heart of the development and is formed out of the existing Grade 2 Listed building incorporating guest suits, office space, restaurant and two floors of spar including a 1st floor elevated swimming pool.

The development embraces the local authority energy targets incorporating a central energy centre with CHP technology distributing out to the buildings through metered heat interface units.

Our design input has begun at the early stage working with the developer and Architect to formulate not just the planning submission and compliant project but develop the brief for the quality and specification for this brand of care facility to be rolled out to other sites around the UK.